Pure Organic Barley 2 Boxes (20 SACHETS)


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Pure Organic Barley 2 Boxes  (20 SACHETS)

Amazing Pure Organic Barley is a health food supplement that contains the extract juice of young barley leaves. It is imported from Australia and comes in both powdered juice and capsules forms. They young barley leaves are harvested and powdered when they reach the height of 20cm-30cm, before the ovule begins to move up and the grain develops. It is at this crucial stage that the barley has its highest nutritional profile which is essential to the efficient running of the human body.

Amazing Pure Organic Barley contains every vitamin except vitamin D, most minerals (specially Calcium) essential and non-essential amino acids are available in their natural easily absorbable forms.

Nineteen amino acids are in Amazing Pure Organic Barley including all eight of the essential amino acids. Amino acids are the building block of proteins, which are essential for continual cell building and regeneration, as well as energy production, immune function and detoxification. Amazing Pure Organic Barley is actually 20% protein, which is approximately the same amount of protein found in the same quantity of lean beef.

Amazing Pure Organic Barley also contains a number of living enzymes and flavonoids that function as potent free radical scavengers. These compounds make Amazing Pure Organic Barley a great nutritional supplement that provides antioxidants and anti-inflammatory nutrients. Studies verify that it is very beneficial nutrition, it is great for many health problems including gastric ulcers, high cholesterol levels, some cancers and many other diseases.

Recent studies have also shown that the juice extract from barley helps in delaying the natural human aging process, helps maintain a youthful glow and healthier looking skin. Other studies where conducted by several world known researchers. 

Amazing Pure Organic Barley grass powder seems to have a virtual monopoly in it's ability to prevent and restore health. All the nutritional value and benefits found in the young barley leaf has been properly preserved, processed and package by IAM Worldwide Corp. in order to give you nothing less than the original nutritional content of the extracted juice from the leaves of the young barley plant from Australia.





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